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College des Bernardins
Rue de Poissy, in the fifth arrondissement, the college des Bernardins appears to be a long white boat, quietly tied to nearby buildings. Front breakthrough high windows shoulder, under a roof tile freshly laid, the building Cistercian found a place among the monuments of medieval Paris, and activity in its original spirit of study and spirituality. Cardinal Lustiger wanted to make this place "a centre of cultural influence of the Catholic Church."  After five years of major restoration work and contemporary design, led by Herve Baptiste, architect of historical monuments, and Jean-Michel Wilmotte, the college of Bernardins is (almost) ready for its inauguration on September 4, presentation the public (open days on 5, 6 and 7 September) and its first solemn event: this is where Pope Benedict XVI will address the world of culture, September 12, in the presence of six hundred guests. The vast nave of the thirteenth century Gothic double colonnade (formerly dining hall and dormitory) is intended to Home and exhibitions, library and cafeteria (it took a little sacrifice the beautiful perspective, the benefit of friendliness). The most dramatic changes have occurred in the basement and the attic.
Under the nave, the cellar novel has regained its original level: the pillars novels had been buried to ensure the stability of the building and protect it from flooding the Bièvre. Reinforced by micropiles, they could be identified. The cellar houses six classrooms, the walls of wood and communicates with a new library, set up in the streets of Poissy. The great height has been a remarkable job to house two auditoriums (the largest has 250 seats) with a room governed high-tech. At both ends, two roses were restored one, the other reconstituted. In this fine architectural three-story addition of a staircase in the eighteenth century, a sacristy of the fourteenth, a remnant of a church destroyed, and a small garden.
Wood, stone and glass, materials sober and net to keep the Cistercian simplicity. Thus, in order not to influence the vault of the nave, floors were suspended by anchors of the new steel frame metal roof. And the building has a geothermal air conditioning. The overall cost of the company amounts to approximately 50 million euros, including the acquisition of buildings, which were transferred to the diocesan association with the Council of Paris in 2000 to 1.90 million euros .
Here begins a new chapter of a long history. Created in 1247 by Etienne Lexington, abbot of Clairvaux, the college of Bernardins has long been a theological training center for the Cistercians. Sold as national property during the Revolution, he became prison, warehouse, school and, more recently, fire and internship at the police academy. Open to the public, who may have free access to the exhibits, come to stroll or take a drink, the new college of Bernardins wants to collect (that is the meaning of the word college), with a Christian hospitality, meaning researchers from all backgrounds, mix culture and life, friendliness and study, the taste for beauty and reflection. The project is to make it a place where culture is at the service of man, where you can "tackle together in one place and everything that makes the human person in its entirety." Exhibitions, concerts, film clubs, conferences successor thereto. The cathedral school, institution of higher education on Christianity offering courses in philosophy and theology, will settle there. And the chair of the Bernardins' will be the hub of research college in the social, educational, economic, ethical and religious. Art, meetings, discussions and training are the pillars of the college of Bernardins