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Paris secret
Three strange adresses in Paris

Angle de la Croix-Faubin et de la rue de la Roquette : La Guillotine

Where was the guillotine in Paris placed? Answer: At the corner of the rue de la roquette and rue de la Croix Faubin as attest it strange marks on the ground which bite obviously on the pedestrian passage.  At this place, the roadway is enamelled of five rectangular stones which remain until today.  They materialize perfectly the site of the guillotine of the prison of the Grande Rocquette. These perfectly plane stones were reference marks on which the torturers installed the guillotine precisely so that its verticality can be perfect to prevent that the blade is not stopped in the fatal descent.  Symbolically, the prison of the Grande Roquette was called: abbey of the five stones.     

1, rue Figuier, 4ème arrondissement : le Boulet

Everyone notices at this address splendid Hôtel de Sens, prestigious vestige of Parisian medieval architecture.  However, only one date is mentioned on the frontage of this building of the end of XVth century: July 28, 1830. Heart of the events of the Monarchy of July. By observing this date attentively, one locates a strange black protuberance driven in the frontage, just above.  It is a relic of a ball lost at the time of the black days of the Three Glorious ones. This ball was embedded in the wall and remained there until… today.   

11, rue de la Ferronnerie : Fleur de Lys

A flower of lily is engraved on the roadway for eternity. The address made cry Paris and France. Here even was assassinated Henri IV in its fits with body captive of the congestions in 1610 by the Ravaillac demented person. Coincidence, the crime was held vis-a-vis a marked graver of a crowned heart of an arrow. It is known as that its death day before, good king Henri had had a premonitory vision. He would have seen the same small red man who would have announced with Catherine de Médicis, his mother-in-law, the death of her husband.

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