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Metro stations are marked with an M or with Metropolitain lettering designed by Art Nouveau legend Hector Guimard.

Getting around. The first trains start running around 5h30am, and the last ones leave the end-of-the-line stations (the portes de Paris) for the center of the city at about 12:10am. For the exact departure times of the last trains, check the poster in the center of each station marked Principes de Tarification, the white sign with the paltform's number and direction, or the monitors above the platform. Transport maps are posted on platforms and near turnstiles, all have a plan du quartier. Connections to other lines are indicated by orange correspondance signs, exits by blue sortie signs. Transfers are free if made within a station, but it is not always possible to reverse direction on the same line without exiting the station.
Using tickets. To pass through the turnstiles, insert the tickets into the small slot in the metal divider just to your right as you approach the turnstile. It disappears for a moment, then pops out about a foot farther along, and a little green or white circle lights up, reminding you to retrieve the ticket. If the turnstile makes a whining sound and a little red circle lights up, your ticket is not valid, take back and try another. When you have the right light, push through the gate and retrieve your ticket. Hold onto your ticket, until you exit the métro, and pass the point marked, limite de validitié des billets. A uniformed RATP controleur may request to see it on any train. If caught without one, you must pay a hefty fine. Also, any correspondances to the RER require you to put your validated ticket in the turnstile. Otherwise you might need to buy a new ticket on order to exit.

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metro map of paris from ratp with all the stations and the direction in paris to go to the marias nad saint-germain des pres, to visit the left bank anf the historical places, to find an apartment for rent in paris.