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    French universities must admit anyone holding a baccalaureat (French high-school diploma) or a recognized equivalent to their first year of courses. Non native french speakers must also pass a written and oral language test. At the end of the first year, exams separate the wheat from the chaff. The best of the best go on to the elite Grandes Ecoles after passing notoriously difficult entrance exams that require a year of preparatory schooling in themselves.
    French universities are far, far cheaper than American equivalents, including programs offered by US universities in france. However, students should expect to pay at least 381 Euros per month in living expenses. EU citizens studying in france can take advantages of the SOCRATES  program, which offers grants to support inter-european educational exchanges. Most UK and Irish universities will have details on the grants on the application procedure. The listings below can supply further information and help organize an academic program in france.
    For those who are fluent in French, direct enrollment in a french university can be more rewarding than a class filled with Americans. It can also be up to four times cheaper, although academic credit at home is not a guarantee. In 1968, the Université de Paris split into 10 independent universities, each at a different sit and offering a different program. The Sorbonne, now the Universite de Paris IV, devotes itself  to the humanities. The cultural services office at your nearest french consulate can provide more information. As a student at a french university, you will receive a student card (carte d'etudiant) upon presentation of a residency permit and a receipt for your university fees. In addition to standard student benefits, many additional benefits are administered by the Centre Regional des Oeuvres Universitaires et Scolaires (CROUS). Founded in 1955 to improve the living and working conditions of students, CROUS welcomes foreign students. The brochure LE CROUS et MOI lists addresses and info on student life. Pick up their guidebook Je VAIS en FRANCE , in french or english, from any french embassy. A good ressource for finding programs that cater to your particular interests in, which has links to various semester abroad programs based on a variety of criteria, including desired location and focus to study.  The following are established study abroad programs based in the United States and in France.
    Students who apply directly to french universities will face the challenge of earlier application dates (fall or early spring) and a required French language exam. Higher education in france is divided into three categories : premier cycle, deuxième cycle, and troisième cycle. For information on programs of study, requirements and grants of scholarships, visit

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