Tanguera au Chatelet
The tango is always fashionable. Since Tango Argentino, Claudio Segovia, presented the Châtelet in 1983, the attraction for this dance and the music has stopped growing. Tanguera initiated by the producer Diego Romay breaks with the tradition of the show consists of an orchestra with the singer and her dancers… Tanguera is a magazine. This is not the first. Miguel Angel Zotto, the star of stars in Argentina triumph in the world with his show Es Buenos Aires, tango evocation of the early twentieth century to the present day. In a more popular bill, built as a screenplay, Tanguera tells a story as old as the world where it is a question of love and jealousy. In this all ages show, following the arrival of immigrants landed a Europe which sends its starving on the other side of the Atlantic. Commit the first tango song exiles. Among the newcomers, a young French woman, Giselle, (Gabriella Amalfitani) came to get married, will spend arm Gaudencio (Oscar Martinez Pey) pimp who prostitute, to those of Lorenzo (Esteban Domenichini), the docker lovers at first sight.  In the meantime, Giselle becomes a tanguera, a girl dependent on the tango danced in gambling. The first image of a crane overlooking the boats, we spoke of the port of Buenos Aires.
On charge, on discharge the goods. The immigrants landed, suitcases in hand. "The aesthetic is close to the language film, takes Omar Pacheco. Plans together, big plans, the spectacle photograph the little people of Buenos Aires: Dockers, launderers, criminals, girls… The color fuchsia boas coils around bare shoulders of a cabaret dancers where Giselle made his classes . Followed by a tango acrobatic not deny that a review of Las Vegas. The feet slip at full speed, legs wrap themselves to each other, creating images that comprise and break down to such a speed as the dancers gave the impression of being mutants, the rubber ball.
A show where each table orchestrated around a tango allows the troupe, held by choreographer Mora Godoy, to excel. Heading the bill, Gabriela Amalfitani, a brunette who does not count for plums, thick as a piece of cigarette paper but an agility breathtaking in duets brought sown in bold. It showed a great virtuosity worked over a career that the coronation today one of the five best tango dancers from the Spanish magazine Teatro Madrid. Trained at the dance school of the famous theatre Colon in Buenos Aires, she joined the company Julio Boca star. At 18, in a milonga (dance), she discovers the tango. And since then, it never ceases to capture this dance it in blood, marriage sensuality to the rigour. For this dance that speaks of passion is intransigent.
Theatre du Chatelet, 2 to September 21.