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    The best time to visit paris is largely a question of personal taste. The city has a more reliable climate than Britain with uninterrupted stretches of sun or rain, year-round. However, while it maintains a vaguley southern feel for anyone crossing the English Channel, Mediterranean it is not. Winter temperatures drop well below freezing, with sometimes biting winds. If you'are lucky, spring and autumn will be mild and sunny. In summer it can reach the 30° C (80°F).

    In terms of pure aesthetics, winter sun is the city's most flattering light, when the pale shades od the older buildings become luminescent and long shadows criss-cross the parks.

    One of the quietest time of year to visit is during the french summer holydays from july 15 to the end of August, when large numbers of Parisians flee the city for the coast or mountains. However, a lot of Paris's shops and restaurants will be closed during this period. There is, too, the commercial calendar to consider - fashion shows, trade fairs  and the like. Paris hoteliers warn against visiting during the months of September and October, and finding a romm even at the best times can be problematic. Early spring, autumn if you book ahead, or the midwinter months will be the most rewarding.

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