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Musée du Louvre
Les artistes américains et le Louvre

Musée du Louvre, until 18 september 2006.

artistes americains au louvre parisFor the first time, our huge national traditional museum devotes an exhibition to the American artists.  Organized jointly by Louvre and Terra Foundation for American Art of Chicago, the exhibition gathers about thirty paintings only which recall us how much the Louvre influenced the Outre-Atlantique artists as of the XIXth century. Giants such as Whistler or Hopper were extremely impressed by the historical collections of the Louvre of which they took inspiration at the time of their Parisian stays. Many other American studied the history of painting on the spot, watering themselves with the teaching of the old Masters of the end of the XVIIth century until the years 1940: Benjamin West, John Vanderlyn, George Catlin. The famous painting of Samuel Morse, reproduced opposite, is particularly representative of that way. It details the Square Living room as well as the large gallery in central prospect. This immense painting is a historical scene of kind made in 1831 in which we recognize considerable masterpieces still hung nowadays, of which Mona Lisa, at the time, boxed anonymously between other tables suspended in front of our eyes. Morse, in love with France which he visited more than twenty times, became member of the Academy of the Art schools.

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