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Battuta de Bartabas

Until february 14, 2007

On a side ten musicians of the Moldavian brass band Shukar de Zece Prajini in the crash of coppers, other five of the Transylvanian taraf of Cluj-Napoca in the transport of the cords. They go along the incredible round by the horses and the acrobats. We rediscover with an intact pleasure the beautiful spectacle presented last summer within the framework of the Festival of Avignon. Battuta means “beaten”, “Roumanian impulse”, “beaten” and “joke” in Italian, “rod of chief” in Spanish… and also returns to the Moroccan traveller of the XIVth century, Ibn Battûta…
After a long round, Zingaro found its village of wood buildings of Aubervilliers. In the hearth decorated with elements of the preceding productions, all the history of the equestrian Theatre is there, with the first posters of Chambas, the masks Tibetans, all these objects which return to the real voyages of Bartabas and the imaginary voyages in which it has involved for more than twenty-five years its public. We passe by two galleries above them stables to join the room plunged in the half-light. A water column which will not cease running, image of the eternal restarting of the life, is used as axis with the track on which already the horses have patience. They will leave the scene only one hour and half later, after having crossed water and for certain to have rolled itself in ochre sand, with complete freedom.
Here, lifting continuations, removals, exercises, all is played insane pace, so quickly that the slower images which stress the spectacle, the magic appearance of married with the veil which flies for example, are like suspended fragments of a dream, so quickly that one is never certain all to seize! It is superb. Radiant joy and the elegance of excellence, humour, 35 horses, some dogs, a bear a little gift Juan, a goose with the spread wings, and these 16 dazzling riding, girls like boys, in the romantic transport of Roms. For so many shared happiness, children like adults, by the grace of a sensitive ultra artist named Bartabas.

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