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Bruce Davidson

Bruce Davidson is a witness of last century. One of these photographers who scanned America until in his faults, in his arrogance, his contempt of the men. This America which a long time wanted to be unaware of its misery and fact of the Blacks of disinherited, without rights nor voice. Bruce Davidson with a simple camera knew to found a true intimacy with the misfits of the company of the years 1960. Born in Chicago, graduate of the university of Yale, it carries out its first photographic subject in Paris, heading “the widow of Paris”, report which it shows in Henri Cartier-Bresson. He from now on will collaborate in the largest magazines of the sixties like Life or Queen. It is interested very quickly in the social problems of America, in particular those of the Blacks. This exhibition gathers a hundred pulling divided into two series, one entitled “Time of Change, 1961-1965”, the other “100e Rue, 1966-1968”.  The memory often has absences. Bruce Davidson is there for us to point out it. The fight for the civic rights of the Blacks is not so remote, forty years at the maximum. The images of this combat were sometimes erased. With this exhibition, they are there, without pageantry, in the simplicity of a testimony. Bruce Davidson has the social glance. But it does not trap misery, nor the injustice, it collects it, in empathy with its subjects. A complicity which starts, by its sincerity, a true awakening, beyond the simple emotion. There is in its photographs, in addition to a large respect for what it shows, a human approach which upsets, which pushes to marry the combat of these men and his wives and whose Bruce Davidson is the spokesman.

Foundation HCB, Paris, until 22 april 2007.

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