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Musée Jacquemart-André - Collection Brukenthal

Brukenthal Collection at Museum Jacquemart-André, 158, bd Haussmann .  From September 11 to 11 January 2010.

With over two million objects, including 1 300 paintings, the collection of Samuel Brukenthal could be that one of the france's king. Yet Brukenthal born in a modest family at Nocrich, Romania, in 1721. In Vienna he came to study in school administration, the Empress Maria Theresa was impressed by him. They become lovers, she helped him and gave him a post of governor in his native Transylvania. She also gave him many paintings, some of Bruegel taken directly from the treasuries of the Crown of Austria. Brukenthal was also a passionate collector. Sensitive to the philosophy of Voltaire and Diderot, he wants to create a humanist museum open to every citizen. In the late eighteenth century, the Flemish painting is in fashion after years of predominantly Italian. In his collection, no Van der Weyden but few Van Eyck and Memling. No Rubens but Jordaens. Brukenthal does not present his collection chronologically but by genre Designed around 45 paintings mistresses of Sibiu, on wood or canvas - an invention Flemish - the exhibition at  Jacquemart-Andre respects this arrangement. Simple description of botanical deer in the sixteenth, landscapes, sky, trees and rocks without another topic. The portraits are varied.  The Flemish painting was made with to linseed oil and not the egg, which give more glance in the colors. Scenes from mythology sing love, religious scenes, humility. The exhibition ends with still lifes entangling garlands of flowers, fruit or food to talk about love, meat feast or Christian party. Brukenthal wanted to build a collection that reflects the beauty and attractions worldwide. The two million objects he gathers with the help of a many experts are divided between 1 300 paintings, 30 000 books but also antiques, medals and cameos, curios and art objects, and also treasures of nature, rocks and stuffed animals. Each section is now the subject of a special museum in Sibiu.

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