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Cabaret - Folies Bergères

That was a bet : to unload in the sometimes smooth landscape of the french musicals with large American artillery, and in the temple of the cancan! For the event, the team of Entertainment Training course, under the eyes the Netherlander Joop van den Ende, arrived with weapons and luggage: not less than 300 tons of decorations, including 150 tables which replaced the armchairs of orchestra, thus transforming the Madnesses Shepherdess into Berliner cabaret, the Kit Kat Club. The realizer Sam Mendes and the choreographer Rob Marshall revisit this musical of Broadway in which one finds the characters of Cabaret: the ingenuous one and tragic Sally Bowles with the master of ceremonies, while passing by opportunist Fräulein Schneider, without forgetting the writer Clifford Bradshaw, alias Christopher Isherwood, author of Good-bye in Berlin. A book which inspired first musical (in 1966) put in scene by Harold Prince and, especially, the film of Bob Fosse (1972) who gained 8 Oscars of which that of better actress allotted to Liza Minnelli, unforgettable Sally. Completely adapted and interpreted in French and live by artists and musicians found in the capital, the spectacle is announced right now like a success, even if one has a presentiment of that, from here at a few weeks, it should still gain in thickness. After a first sulfurous and carefree part, one enters on one level the heavy atmosphere of the first effects of the Nazism. Fabian Richard incarnates an impressive master of ceremonies, carrying out the troop and apostrophizing the room with a beautiful demolition. Claire Pérot is at the same time touching and upsetting in the role of Sally Bowles. Its play is still a little unequal, but the song is impeccable and the very sexy young lady. Not false notes thus, except those distributed liberally and to the limit of bearable by Catherine Arditi, in spite of very convincing in the costume of Fräulein Schneider. To also note talented Pierre Reggiani who plays Herr Schultz, Delphine Grandsart, excellent Fräulein Kost, and of the dancers and actor-musicians to the height of this ambitious show. Welcome to Paris!

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