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China Gold at Musée Maillol Paris

At the Maillol Museum in Paris, the exhibition "China Gold" does not hide the influence of modern Western art on Chinese artists. The China fascinates as much as it's scary. The cliché of the "Yellow Peril" comes from the East shapes our Western unconscious for a long time. In Chinese culture, yellow is the color of the earth and the "supreme power" imperial.  "China Gold" brings together thirty-five contemporary artists, among the most prominent. The land, the country is pervasive and it feels like a uncomfort. The uncomfort of a society on the path to social changes due to a dizzying growth. The exodus of rural mingongs, these migrants workers in the cities in search of a better life, bringing in their wake misery. They are being staged like a Ettore Scola in Ugly, dirty and evil, by the photographer Wang Qingsong. They are still processing architecture of Beijing, where most working artists in a paradox between tradition and modernity, pagodas and towers of glass, Forbidden City and Olympic Stadium. The artists explore the doubt of a nation marked by the legacy in many respects criminality of cultural revolution. Thus the dark faces painted by Zhang Dali clear where the graffiti "AK 47", the notorious Soviet weapons. We discover a China or rises timidly the veil of cultural taboos and moral. Those of sexuality, nudity bodies, abuse of human relations in a country where the population is mostly male, dramatic consequence of the one-child policy. The trends are pictorial inflencées by the artistic movements of the sixties, in aesthetics and criticism of the consumer society. From the pop art performances, through conceptual art. These are facilities Ai Wei Wei, directly inspired by "ready-mades" of Marcel Duchamp, these objects reflect everyday life and become works of art as a urinal becomes a "fountain". The performance of a masochistic photographed He Yunchang who does not hesitate to be immersed in a concrete block for twenty-four hours. Economic power is uncontested, the Middle-earth is a dream-it cultural power? In any case, it is aware of the aura of its artists in the world. Their works fought price of gold on the art market, prey to speculation of Western collectors. Recently, the Chinese upper social class that rising interest near the productions of his countrymen. The art reflects society? After gold medals Olympic gold black… The exhibition "China Gold" invites to figure out on the elusive China, always in search of the precious metal, through its contemporary artists.

Musée Maillol.
Until 13 october 2008.

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