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Compiègne : Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette

In the Castle of Compiegne, the exhibition Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette propose to make discover which was the taste of the king in French decorative art. An enthralling invitation to traverse this exceptional monument in the middle of an accessible city.
The huge park with  trees more than centenaries take irresistible colors of autumn lets discover the frontage of a great purity of the castle, built by Ange Jacques Gabriel. All around this captivating monument, the city kept XVIIIe century which in inspired town planning, its narrow streets, its private mansions and a great elegance. One walks in a small pedestrian sector very animated with commercial arteries, tearoom intimates and bookshop of charm. All is calm, resting, like if the close forest, whose rides seem to prolong the streets, insufflated an alleviating air. We understand better why Compiegne made beat the heart of all the French sovereigns since Louis XV.
The exhibition is installed on the first floor of the castle and pays homage to the interest of the king for this castle, of which he will complete the construction started with Louis XV. It is also a question of evoking the taste of the monarch for French, prone decorative arts seldom treated at this sovereign whose history retains especially the tragedy destiny or leaning it for the iron work! As Emmanuel Starcky underlines it, director of the national Museums of Compiegne, “Louis XVI is important for the castle”. In testify, as of the entry in the exhibition, the crossed out plans of origin of the hand even of the king. They precede in a precise order the presentation by an element dominating by the decoration by each principal part of the castle that the king orders. To start with its room to lay down which one found fabric of origin, one flowered pastoral surprising which translates its slope for nature.
For this exhibition in Compiegne, one brought from Versailles, Fontainebleau or the reserves of the State-owned furniture : a shepherdess of Boulard, the convenient ones of Benneman, the splendid silk panels which decorated the Cabinet of the Council and which had not been shown with the public since 1974! Still let us quote, coming from Vienna, the admirable bust of the dauphine Marie-Antoinette, realized in Compiegne by Jean-baptiste Lemoine. The museography privileges the scarcity. Few parts but they are exceptional. With the wire of the rooms one discovers the taste of the king for simplicity and the neo-classicism, in rupture with the reign of gilding. In this castle which one more generally associates the reign of Napoleon III, rather than with that of Louis XVI, some will be astonished by the topic of this exposure which comes somewhat to hustle the ambitions posted by its successive conservatives to make of Compiegne the large French museum of the Second Empire. It would be to forget the admiration which carried the Eugenie empress to Marie-Antoinette, become under the wife of Napoleon III “the Louis XVI-Empress”! And it is not the least interest of this exhibition, - which also makes it possible to visit the superb imperial apartments -, to underline this continuity and this diversity which make the richness of Compiegne.

Until the 29 janv. ouv. 10 a.m. tlj to 6 p.m. sf mar. Entry: expo + castle, 6,20 €, TR: 4,70 €.
Tourism Office : 03 44 40 01 00.

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