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Centre Georges Pompidou Beaubourg
Dada Exhibition

Centre Georges Pompidou, until 9 january 2006

dada beaubourg pompidou

This exceptional exhibition makes a complete assessment of one of the most active movements of the beginning of the XXth century : Dadaism.  100 works signed by more than 50 artists are presented there. They come from the collections of the Center George Pompidou itself, of private collectors as well as MOMA.  The Museum of Modern art of New York lends a hundred works for the event which will migrate thereafter for Washington and Manhattan. Born during the autumn 1916, this revolutionary artistic movement decides to break with the academic and conventional values.  Its almost ridiculous name was born randomly from letters picked in a dictionary by some taken intellectuals hiden in Zurich, in a Cabaret named Voltaire. Tristan Tzara, Hans Arp, Hugo Ball, Duchamp, Picabia, Max Ernst among others, worked this provocation by renewing the media and the supports of the time and by claiming that everything could become art.  The industrial object deserves a new glance and becomes also art objetc as the famous urinal from Marcel Duchamp. The Mona Lisa with moustache LHOOQ also points out it to us.  This non-conformist energy will inspire the artists until 1924, it will be relayed then by a surrealism even more innovating.

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