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Maison Rouge
Dieter Appelt : Cinema Prisma

Maison Rouge, 10, boulevard de la Bastille, 75012, Until 22 january 2006.

dieter appelt maison rouge paris
Dieter Appelt is a conceptual photographer totally centered on his own face.  Working autorportrait with an infinite variety of black and white, it belongs to these conceptual artists for which photography is only one support among others.  This philosophical artist of Germany created, in about thirty years, films, sculptures, drawings, and was, during a few times, a baritone solo.  This exhibition to the Maison Rouge recalls a general panorama of the expression of Appelt.  One sees film projections specially worked again for the occasion.  Spectacular "the Forth-Bridge" reveals a table made up of 312 photographs of this old Scottish bridge, mixed with a film, on a music of Xenakis.  Artistic plurality gives birth to the emotion.  Behind these random visions, these series of voluntarily broken up portraits, expresses an opinion hustled by contradictory perceptions on the concepts of harmony, order, confusion, released chaos.  An artist of the question mark.

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