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Musée Guimet
Les Très Riches Heures de la Cour de Chine (1162-1796)

Musée des Arts asiatiques Guimet, 6, Place d'Iéna, 75016. Until 24 july 2006.

musee guimet paris riches heures de la cour de chine exposition

Five years ago, the Guimet Museum was entirely renovated. To celebrate this birthday with highlight, this prestigious Musée dedicated to Asiatiques arts presents, for the first time in Paris, nine imperial scrolls which are as many fabulous treasures of the painting of Qing. At the beginning, these scrolls were imperial orders which paid homage to the principal historical events during the reign of three of the largest Qing emperors: Kangxi, Yongzheng and Qianlong. Some of these scrolls measure up to 16 meters. Their brittleness prevents from often show them out, which contributes to the prestige of the exhibition. True witnesses of the political history of their time, they report to us the imperial visits in the provinces as the essential ceremonies of the solar calendar or Mandchous huntings and Mongols.  Illustrated polychrome paintings with the colors extremely fresh, these scrolls could correspond to our medieval illuminations. The least details are scrupulously reported there, the landscapes are perfectly realistic. An unequaled panorama of legendary China.

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