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Maison de la Culture du Japon

Maison de la Culture du Japon - Until 9 juillet 2005


Hiroshige is one of the most famous Japanese landscape designers of the XIXème century.  First of all fascinated by the portraits of women and actors of kabuki, its passion go out to the landscape afterwards (ukiyo-e).  Its first series of prints go back to 1831.  They are devoted to the old capital of the kingdom, named then Edo. Hiroshige is contemporary different large Japanese Master, Hokusai, which publish famous 36 sights of Mount-Fuji the same year.  Hiroshige will be success only later, thanks to prints reporting a voyage accomplished between Edo and Kyoto. These prestigious cities remain the source of essential inspiration of the Master throughout his existence.  This exposure clarifies the series of prints entitled "Hundred famous sights of Edo", carried out at the sixty years age by the illustrator.  This testimony pays to us at the time in a precise way the daily newspaper of this capital of a million inhabitants.  We can observe the practices of the inhabitants there as well as the favorite places, the temple of Asukusa or the districts of the pleasures of Yoshiwara.  Edo is still a human and ecological city, just before the industrial revolution and its urban rationnality do not transform it into mégapole during the era Meiji (1868-1912).

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