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Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais
Italia Nova - Une aventure de l'Art Italien - 1900-1950

GALERIES NATIONALES DU GRAND PALAIS,  3, avenue du Général Eisenhower 75008 PARIS  01 44 13 17 30

utalia nova paris
Italian art between 1900 and 1950.  Italia Nova.  This exhibition makes an inventory of the new and strong currents which stimulated the artistic inspirations of modern Italy, in particular futurism, true ancestor of the Design.  In an certain way, these ideas still sign the good Italian taste nowadays, this blow of single pencil of the creators. The artists of that time are not inevitably most known of the international cultural scene:  Campigli, Boccioni, Depero, Balla, among the signatories of the 120 paintings presented there, are gathered coming straight from the most famous Italian museums.  The concept starts in 1909 when Marinetti publishes its proclamation of futurism.  The speed which surrounds its world the influence, speed of the cars, the trains.  The speed effect will lead to dynamic effects, almost aerodynamic, in its subjects, its volumes as well as the treatment of the colors.  Mechanics, the new machines, electricity, are as many subjects of fascination for an almost technological painting we could say today.  Other painters will go still further, through new proclamations:  Balled and Depero write in 1915 a futuristic claim of abstraction perfectly showed in a painting of Balla :  speed of a motor cycle.

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