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Mairie de Paris

Izis, Exhibition at Mairie de Paris, until May, 29, 2010

They were five, "five French photographers' statements at MoMA in New York in 1951. Doisneau, Brassai, Ronis and Cartier-Bresson, history remembers the names. Izis, it is more widely misunderstood. A retrospective of the town hall, Mairie de Paris, which climbed up some 250 photographs, remins us the forgotten name of Izis. Izraeli Bidermanas, Lithuanian Jew, becomes Izis in 1941. He is then illegal worker in Paris under German occupation. "Paris excited my imagination. It was the city of light. It was the European paradise, like other American." He foams along banks of the Seine, where he was, he says, go with its characters. Quai Montebello, Pont au Change, Island du Vert Galant, it freezes the sleepers, love asleep, exhausted workers, beautiful abandoned. Under its camera Paris sleeps, plays, works, loves. But Izis, Parisian "flâneur", London also surveyed with Prévert, places dear to him for Colette bring back memories when she is immobilized. He pulls to match the portraits of Dora Maar, Eluard and Breton, who wrote: "There has to know that you seize this moment on the optimum ratio between people and things." Then Chagall, Iza is only authorized to follow the master during construction of the ceiling of the Opera Garnier fascinating story that sees second by second, the wrinkled hands down on paper the first lines of the female bird. "Gay but constantly sad," said today his son, Manuel, co-chairman pf the exhibition. For the uprooted guard, deep wound of exile and the emotional peak in two series: the kids come to participate in the planting of the Forest of Martyrs in Israel promised land, and the metamorphosis of the clown Grock in Dreams circus. Face bare and painted houses in the trailer until the arrival on stage. Sweet melancholy of the artist.

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