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Louvre Museum
Leonardo da Vinci : La Gioconda

Musée du Louvre.

joconde mona lisa vinci

Mona Lisa.  The most famous painting of the world changes place in the Louvre to invest a room directly dedicated to its smile:  the room of the States, the hugest part of all the Museum of the Louvre.  It occupied this room since 1966 but had circulated many times in the museum according to the restorations and of the successive external exhibitions.  The presence of this masterpiece in this room is directly related to the chronological circuit of the Italian painting of the Louvre as to comfort necessary for the 6 million annual visitors of the Louvre who can admire Lisa Gherardini (alias Mona Lisa) with a light and a space worthy of its celebrity.  The Japanese company Nipponese Network Television entirely financed the 5 million euros necessary to this removal, incredible clue of the world passion caused by the Mona Lisa.  After four years of work, the painting finds a natural light due to a canopy, relayed by a similar artificial light as the clearness of the day decreases.  A window armored, tight and treated anti-reflecting, protects the small masterpiece painted on a parquet floor from poplar.  Our wise heroin thus has a complete wall for it all alone.  At the opposite, the lage Wedding of Cana by Véronèse covers a full wall.  Wink of the history of art.  Mona Lisa smiles to Christ changing water into wine.  Spirituals drunks.
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