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Centre Beaubourg Pompidou : Kandinsky

Centre Pompidou, until 10 august 2009.

The Vasily Kandinsky exhibition at the Pompidou Center is fabulous. It provides an excellent synthesis of his artistic adventure. The catalog contains several excellent texts, such as Riccardo Marchi (Kandinsky and Der Sturm), by Angelika Weissbuch (Kandinsky and Dresden in the 1920s) and Matthias Haldemann (Théâtre de l'image, abstraction of the abstraction of Kandinsky).  The interest of Kandinsky's life is undoubtedly his wandering. It begins in Munich in 1896, when he left his native Russia. At that time, the Bavarian capital is one of the most important cultural centers in Europe. In 1909, he participated in the Neue Kunstelersvereingung München, and two years later, he was a founder of the Blaue Reiter. The Blue Rider is one of the most exciting in Europe. He assumes his work between figurative or lines and colors dissociate and the beginnings of abstraction. His improvisations are formed during the following years, emphasizing the growing relationship between the dynamics of abstraction in relation to music. Two trips have contributed to the evolution of his thinking on the gradual deconstruction of the subject: the trip to Tunisia in late 1904 and early 1905 in the company of Gabriele Münter. Like Klee, Macke, Marc, Matisse, North Africa enables it to carry out its metamorphoses bold style. His stay in Paris in 1906 he discovered the world of plastic Fauvist. Improvisations of the 1911 show he turned a corner point that symbolizes Lyrism. Relations with members of the Blue Rider emulation are important. And he is not afraid to face fierce controversy in 1912.  At the end of 1914, he left Russia. When the revolution broke out, he agrees with passion in education reform by becoming the artistic director of the Izo. He participated in 1920 helped found the artistic culture, the Inkhouh with Rodtchenko, Stepanova and other avant-garde artists. It never ceases to multiply experiences plastic which has led it to paint the red spot No. 2. His omnipresence, the accumulation of charges him dislike his colleagues. They also rebelled against his conception of art, too subjective. They create an institution parallel to the Inkhouh the "working group of the objective analysis." He was finally ousted from Inkhouk. He nevertheless time for a major retrospective in Moscow and founded the Russian Academy of Sciences Arts in 1921. The "5 X 5 = 25" calls into question the easel painting : Kandinsky is increasingly isolated. Taking advantage of his position, he proposes to organize a German-Russian exhibition in Berlin. He went to Berlin with twelve canvases rolled. There can never return to his homeland. Asks Walter Gropius to teach at the Bauhaus in Weimar, he left in 1933, and will take refuge in France, his last country.

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