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Le Nain : Reniement de Saint-Pierre au Louvre

Frederic Mitterrand, minister of Culture and Communication, announced the acquisition by the state for the Louvre Museum, Denial of St. Peter by Louis or Antoine Le Nain (Reniement de Saint-Pierre). Full of emotion  and rare example of a painting in the spirit of Caravaggio, this masterpiece has an illustrious provenance and is finally a long awaited piece those intrigued by the case of the brothers Le Nain.  Immediately, the painting is impressive: it's time for a shocking revelation to the apostle Peter. Totally scared, he tried to escape the prying eyes of the servant and soldiers who recognize him as one of the companions of Christ. Shortly before his arrest, Jesus had warned the oldest of his disciples that he would deny him three times before dawn: and despite his protestations of loyalty, Peter told three times he did not know. At cock-crow, he discovers his cowardice and crying. From the bottom of the composition, fascinating, a human face seems to take the viewer to witness. Found in a sale at Nancy March 19, 2000, entitled "School Lorraine seventeenth century, the painting is mentioned for the first time March 4, 1656 when the Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture in search of a local, sends a delegation to his patron, Cardinal Mazarin, for the granting of housing galleries of the Louvre. Knowing avid collector, she has two paintings, a "painting of fruit made by Mr. Le Moyne and St. Peter of late Mr Le Nain. This is important because two of the three brothers Le Nain, Antoine and Louis, had died suddenly in May 1648: the "Saint Peter of late Mr Le Nain," if we stick to the letter, would necessarily the work of one of them, and the third and youngest brother, Matthew, who died in 1677, would be exonerated. But the question is perhaps more complex. The AXA Group's contribution to the safeguarding of cultural heritage is French, the last seven years, to 40.5 million. AXA has enriched the public collections of masterpieces such as two drawings of Rosso Fiorentino and Vestal Houdon (Louvre), a magnificent statue of the Dogon country (Musée du Quai Branly), Portrait of the Duke of Orleans d "Ingres at the Louvre, The Flight into Egypt by Nicolas Poussin (Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon) and the Pavement of Castle Polisy (National Museum of the Renaissance castle Ecouen).  This acquisition was made possible thanks to the tax provisions of the Act of 1 August 2003 concerning patronage, associations and foundations. These provisions, which supplement those of the Law of January 4, 2002 relating to the museums of France, in effect creating favorable conditions for entry into public collections, thanks to corporate sponsorship, works recognized national treasure by the Committee Consultative national treasures. Frederic Mitterrand would like to thank AXA for its exemplary action of sponsorship for the national heritage and influence of art.

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