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Paris Musée du Jeu de paume - Lisette Model

The exhibition at the Jeu de Paume dedicated to the photographer Lisette Model enhances around 120 shots, her first series taken in Nice and Paris in the 30s in those twenty years later in New York. As her images in black and white, gray areas remain discreet about this artist. Lisette Model, born of Austrian father and French mother, started in France. With her sister Olga and friends photographers, she learned laboratory techniques. "Influenced by the expressionist painting, she said she had no real photographic culture," said Cristina zelichi, responsable of the exhibition. "Do not take it that you're passionate about it," she advises her friend and photographer Rogi Andre, first wife of Andre Kertesz. A sentence will never forget it. "Take a picture with your guts," Lisette Model repeated later when her students will bring them into the streets of New York. Lisette Model photograph the characters she meets at random from his wanderings in the city or the places they frequent. "The way she used the flash isolates people from their context. It really came home in his subjects," continues Christina zelichi. In Nice, it carries the famous series Parkway English, published in Look magazine and later in PM's Weekly. The artist presents a look half amused, half-mocking on the European bourgeoisie from which they arise. In Paris, she photographs portraits of anonymous beggars, blind, lonely old ladies or middle class, without class distinctions. The choice of models already hints at the turn take his art in the United States. In 1938 she moved to New York, and chose to stay away from anti-Semitic climate of social unrest which traverse Europe. Series Reflections Running Legs or reflect the fascination for this city. Until 1949, Lisette Model collaborates with several magazines "engaged" with Harper's Bazaar, which does not hesitate to publish her series taken in the streets of Lower East Side, the Bowery or in bars and night spots she frequented. Artists transgender, affluent bystanders or destitute, she never judges his characters. What he is probably in the mid-'50s McCarthyism in full to be interviewed by the FBI, suspected of belonging to the Communist Party. This event will mark a turning point in his career. Her collaboration with American magazines and decrease it will focus its course at the New School for Social Research at Columbia University

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