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Lucian Freud Centre Pompidou Paris

May 2008, Freud became the living artist most expensive in the world, above Jeff Koons. Its gigantic naked Sue Tilley, known as "Big Sue", stretched at full length, crushed the flesh on a sofa, has been sold for 33 million dollars. Lucian Freud (born 1922) is the younger son of Sigmund Freud, father of psychoanalysis. He left Germany in 1934 with his parents. He was a close friend of Francis Bacon. He painted the Queen of England, which has greatly contributed to enhance its reputation.  Lucian Freud, then, 87 years, the expression of "the British eccentricity, was in Paris last Sunday. An event in relation to his age, but most of its habits. The man, who never ceased to paint like nothing better than staying at home or in his studio. He moves for an exceptionnal event : the impressive exhibition organized by the Pompidou Center and meet some fifty masterpieces large format, dating from the 1970s to today, we are not near forget!  The art of Lucian Freud in Paris in 2010, just as the great retrospective of 1987, will remain a sensory experience unique, as his painting pulsates as "an organic and alive" and poses a glance uncompromising on his contemporaries. Considered one of the last great realistic, Freud had a langage in permanent evolution. He has revisited in his way, art nudes and portraits. Most are new pictures hanging in Paris. Four rooms recreate the strongest of Freud: interiors, exteriors, self-portraits, the great naked.  The artist definitely singular continues to use traditional methods like the bridge, while working exclusively on live models, he knows well. He only paints in his studio. And when it comes to landscapes, "these are the trees and the view he sees from his window," said Cecile Debray, exhibition curator, originally from the meeting of major paintings. Almost all come from private collections, with few exceptions. "The National Museum of Modern Art has virtually no work of Freud, who quickly became too expensive for the public finances. It is also the case of MoMA in New York."  Freud, rare artist at all levels! The man painted little. Three to five pictures a year. It is estimated that his work does count for much more from 300 to 400 numbers. "His observation time is too long intensely active," says Cecile Debray. When he feels a certain comfort, he broke to go to something else. "Nudity is very raw at home. The huge demand. We can be forgotten that he was a great artist in the 1940s. His paintings were very realistic and licked. " Until the encounter with Francis Bacon, who will release it somehow. He sat working with small brushes. It takes brushes, freed of constraints, stands up against his easel, wipes his brush on the walls of his studio. The matter becomes lumpy as the giddy flesh of his characters. Beautiful or repulsive? It depends on taste. Freud also divided. No consensus, he dares. In painting, like his daring life filled with secrets. That of a man who once drove a car while playing Russian roulette, as he tells himself.

Lucian Freud. Pompidou Center, from March 10 to July 19.  01 44 78 12 33 

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