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Musée Promenade de Marly
La Machine à eau de Marly

Musée de Marly : Louveciennes,

machine a eau de marly louveciennes
The water machine of Marly carries out one of the greatest scientific projects of its time, revealing of the imagination of the engineers to the service of the royal power of louis XIV. To give pleasure to the monarch and with its paradise of Versailles, this machine was to take the water of the Seine to supply the basins, fountains and cascades of the Castle of Versailles. A colossal machine for the simple pleasure of the eyes.  June 13, 1684, the king in person inaugurates hydraulic Titan able to make assemble 5000 m3 of water daily to more than 150 meters of uneven.  Three years of work, 1800 workmen, 100.000 tons of wood, were necessary to build the monster.  It functioned during 133 years, until 1817.  Fourteen large paddle wheels 12 meters in diameter made go up the water taken again by the three stages of pumps, the whole being actuated by the hydraulic power itself.  50 people whose 20 carpenters and 14 blacksmiths were assigned to his operation.  The parts wore extremely quickly and were to be regularly changed.  All the talent of the engineer carpenter Sualem was to know to transmit the driving force of the paddle wheels to pumps located 700 away meters, by an interlacing of rods, pulleys, 22 km of chains, rods and cranks which were articulated in an infernal noise according to witnesses. The machine, exhausted, was demolished in 1817 then replaced by various projects of which none proved also spectacular.

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