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Musée de l'Homme
"Naissances, gestes, objets et rituels"

Musée de l'Homme, 17, Place du Trocadéro, 16ème - Until 4 september 2006.

naissances, gestes, objets rituels, musee de l'homme paris
The welcoming in the world of a child always generated rites, gestures, habits, in all the ages of the world.  The Museum de l'Homme devotes his great exhibition of the year to the sacring of the birth, in all its splendour and its diversity.  Anywhere, in urban or rural France, in Africa, in Asia, this birth certificate is clarified here through a panorama imagined by a gynecologist, Rene Frydman and a doctor anthropologist of CNRS, Alain Epelboin. Thus, the Museum de l'Homme points out to us his correspondance with the National Museum of Natural History, to which it belongs. This exhibition is articulated around the three great stages of enfantement : The Childbirth, Around the birth, the social Birth.  These stages are illustrated by the evocation of the birthplaces, the objects used, the gestures ritual which accommodate it and testimonies of mothers.  Objects, visual, interactive installations, films and sounds constitute the basis of the discovery.  Some analyses very coloured such as the choice of the flyers, or that of the first name, the nature of the festivals and the ceremonies, show us, that beyond the birth of a new life, a whole social universe conditions already the future life of the baby.

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