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Nicolas Poussin, la Fuite en Egypte, Musée des Beaux-Arts, Lyon

Finally, the famous work of Nicolas Poussin, bought for 17 million euros last July, is in the Museum des Beaux-Arts in Lyon. It has mobilized the largest firm in cross ever organized in France before arriving here on the walls of the Museumafter a funny incredible scientific adventure. Presented at the heart of an exhibition cleverly organized in just six months, La Fuite en Egypte, The Flight into Egypt, painted by Nicolas Poussin in 1657, initially surprised by its small size (133 x 97 cm), compared to other works presented (ten Poussin and many works of the seventeenth around this theme, including a superb Philippe de Champaigne). We imagined a fresco wise and solemn, as the painting by Poussin (1594-1665) keeps this label tenacious scholarship to Fear, or at least intimidating. It finds a delicate, prima facie accessible and the weighted gradient colors.  The Flight into Egypt tells this dramatic episode of the Gospel - concomitant of the massacre of innocents - in which Mary and Joseph fleeing death threat hanging over Jesus as King Herod, having learned the birth of the Messiah, has ordered the execution of all males under the age of 2. Our eyes go from left to right, from north-east to south-west, and from light to dark, because the Poussin wanted to. The journey of his characters must be as ours, every movement deploying a fragment of history. Marie turns? Clarity demarcated following a perfect diagonal countries suggests happiness and lost, while the darkness into which the donkey is progressing announcement tomorrow uncertain. The child is watching us? At the exact center of the canvas, his gaze suspends press time (the soldiers of Herod are their kits), but also points to its destiny. Many details arouse among the audience incessant questioning, The Flight into Egypt is indeed the work of an artist scholar component canvases thoughts, "scenes that call reason," he wrote. Only this scholarship subtle, generous, glorious natural setting, breaking down complex at least advised visitors or the certainties of the most experienced amateurs.

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