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D-Day Normandy Landing Beaches
This page in memory of our american brothers,
dead for our freedom.
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D-Day invasion beaches of the battle of Normandy

normandy D-Day
You wont be disapppointed by the rugged terrain and windswept sans of Omaha Beach, 16  km northwest of Bayeux. Here you'll find the Monument du Débarquement (Monument to the Normandy Landings) and nearby, in Vierville-sur-Mer, the U.S. National Guard Monument who fought in both world wars. In Colleville-sur-Mer is the hilltop American Cemetery and Memorial, designed by the landscape architect Markley Stevenson. It is a moving tribute to the fallen, with its Wall of missing (in the form of a semicircular colonnade), drumlike chapel, and avenues of holly oaks trimmed to resemble open parachutes. The crisply mowed lawns are studded with 9386 marble tombstones. This is where Steven Spielberg's fictional hero Captain John Miller was supposed to have been buried in Saving Private Ryan. You can look out to sea across the landing beach from a platform on the north side of the cemetery.

The most spectacular scenery along the coast is at the Pointe du Hoc,, 13km west of St-Laurent. Wildly undulating grassland leads past ruined blockhouses to a clifftop observatory and a German machine-gun post whose intimidating mass of reinforced concrete merits chilly exploration. Despite Spielberg's cinematic genius, it remains hard to imagine just how Colonel Rudder and his 225 men, only 90 survived, managed to scale the jagged cliffs with rope ladders and capture the german defenses in one of the most heroic and dramatic episodes of the war.
    Head west around the coast on N13, pause in the town of Carentan to admire its modern marina and the mighty octagonal spire of the Eglise Notre-Dame, and continue northwest to Sainte-Mère-Eglise. At 2h30 AM on june 6, 1944, the 82nd airborne division was dropped over Ste-Mère, heralding the start of D-Day operations. Famously, one  parachutist got stuck on the church tower (memorably recreated in the 1960 film the Longest Day), a dummy is strung up each summer to recall the event, and a stained-glass window inside the church honors American paratroopers. After securing their position at Ste-Mère, U.S. forces pushed north, then west, cutting off the Cotentin Peninsula on june 18 and taking Cherbourg on june 26.  German defense proved fiercer farther south, and St-Lo was not liberated until July 19. Ste-Mère's symbolic importance as the first French town to be liberated from the Nazis is commemorated by the Borne 0 (Zero), outside the town hall - a large, domed milestone marking the start of the Voie de la Liberté (Freedom Way), charting the Allies' progress across France.

    The Musée des Troupes Aéroportées (Airborne Troops Museum), built behind the church in 1964 in the form of an open parachute, houses documents, maps, mementos, and one of the Waco CG4A gliders used to drop troops. Place du 6 juin 1944.

    Head east on D 67 from Ste-Mère to Utah Beach, which being sheltered from the Atlantic winds by the Cotentin Peninsula and surveyed by lowly sand dunes rather than rocky cliffs, proved easier to attack than Omaha. In la Madeleine inspect the modern museum devoted to the battle of Utah Beach. Continue north to the Dunes de Varreville, set with a monument to French hero General Leclerc, who landed here. Offshore you can see the fortified Iles St-Marcouf.  Continue to Quinéville, at the far end of Utah Beach, with its museum evoking life during the german occupation.

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