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Orleans Family treasure in auction

Next October, Christie's will sell the rest memories of the apartment on the rue de Miromesnil where the Earl and Countess of Paris lived.  These are the latest fires burning a legacy: that of the late Count of Paris accused after his death on June 19, 1999, having squandered the family fortune, as a result of risky investments and above all a train of life of claiming the throne of France financed from its heritage. The scandal family was enormous. Some brothers and sisters tried, lawyers in support, shed light on certain goods hidden in succession. Today, peace seems to be returned to the Maison de France. And those who had strongly criticized their father for selling his wealth during his lifetime (a product of 15 MF at Sotheby's in Monaco in December 1996 and 10.60 MF, Drouot, in October 2000) are in their turn Since their mother, Isabelle d'Orleans-Bragance, passed away, also on July 5, 2003, leaving behind her 9 children, 39 grandchildren and about 53 great-grandchildren.  Lovers of historical memories are happy. The 9 children and a nephew, Prince Robert, son of Prince Thibault, who agreed to share what remains of property, Christie's has announced the sale on October 14 in Paris, nearly 600 lots from the apartment on the rue de Miromesnil where the Earl and Countess of Paris settled after leaving the property of Coeur Volant, Louveciennes. All houses and family treasures have been donated to the Foundation St. Louis created in 1974 by the couple, all that remains is where "objects primarily historical and intimate but very cumbersome,"  The symbol of love for the family of France is undoubtedly much greater than the modest estimate of 600 000 to 1 M €. Hard to put a price on the portfolio embroidered by Marie-Antoinette during his captivity in the Temple, lovely book given by the Queen to the housekeeper of the dolphin, Ms. de Tourzel, one of the few people trapped in the Temple with the royal family. Hard to know how the box is decorated with a miniature representing the young Louis XVII one of the few known portraits of the young king in prison and from his sister Madame Royale (6 000 to 8 000 €) or rings  of marriage by Philippe Equality , Duke of Orleans, and Marie-Adelaide de Bourbon-Penthièvre (500 to 7 000 €).  The list of objects is seductive: rare romantic jewelry decorated with miniature 4 bracelets like the personal collection of Marie-Amelie of Two Sicilies, the last queen of French, some sixty seals in gold, ivory or hard stone weapons of Orleans, furniture, objects and silverware abound. The sale is full of surprises: razor King Louis-Philippe (150 to 200 €), the pair of gloves Queen Amélie Portugal, through the pen with which King Louis-Philippe signed the indictment 'abdication of 24 February 1848 (300, 000 to 500 € 000). 

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