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Paris Photo 08

Salon Paris Photo has becomed since ten years the first fair of the image in the world. This appointment only offers the best expressions of photographic beginnings to the present day, offering a panoramic forecast for the world premiere. Located at the Carrousel du Louvre, from 13 to 16 November 2008 (along with the Mois de la photo), the 2008 edition brings together a hundred galleries and publishers from five continents. They have work of 500 international photographers and expect 40,000 visitors (including 40% foreigners). This year, Paris Photo enhances Japan culture, the first Asian country who have adopted photography from the 1850s. The country of the Rising Sun was imposed by its original production and diverse photographic scene as a single major and is now growing international interest. Rare photographs of the Meiji era experiments of avant-garde 1930s, the story of the 1950s to contemporary years of 1990-2000, the Salon offers an exceptional view of the historical production and introducing contemporary Japanese works more than 130 authors met for the first time in Europe. The Commission of "Japan's honor was given to Mariko Takeuchi, critic and curator Photographic Exhibition independent. The Paris Photo exhibition is also an opportunity to deliver the BMW price and SFR Young Talents. Initiated in 2004 to support contemporary art, the Prix BMW - Paris Photo is now, in five years, a true international benchmark. Awarded by a prestigious panel of international experts, this award will be awarded on Thursday, 13 November 2008 at Paris Photo, it includes an allocation of 12 000 and the exhibition of selected works on the Mezzanine during the exhibition. The 2008 theme: "Never Stand Still". Dont miss the exhibition on Lee Miller. Muse of Man Ray, she was considered in his time as one of the most beautiful women of his time, was the star of dummy Vogue magazine in the 1930s. Based in Paris, she became assistant, model and friend of Man Ray's muse and the Surrealists. She learns and then opens a photo studio in New York where she made of fashion photography and advertising. It states at the same time during clashes artistic. After a first marriage in Egypt which photograph landscapes, in 1942 she became a war correspondent for the U.S. military. Lee Miller will be the first female photojournalist to enter the concentration camps of Dachau and Buchenwald, reports published by Vogue in 1945. Her images of "SS Goalkeeper drowned in a canal or a young German suicide show a" sensitivity surreal "intact, said the curator of the exhibition Mark Howarth-Booth. Surreal that this photograph of David Sherman photographing her taking a bath in the bathtub of Hitler in the Munich apartment of the dictator. SFR Young Talents is meanwhile a Paris Photo for the second consecutive year. Four young artists will be exhibited at Paris Photo, in "Expo SFR (Salle Soufflot), following a call for projects launched from the platform SFR on the theme" City Lights ".

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