Paris Plage 2010

Paris Plages 2010

Opening of the ninth edition of Paris Plage in this Tuesday, July 20. Holidays definitely arrived in Paris. Let's go for a month of relaxation and sunbathing on the banks of the Seine. On this first day of Paris Plage 2010 edition, the operation conducted by the mayor of Paris since 2002, each year, is a success.  With a budget of 2.2 million euros, or 300,000 euros less than the 2009 edition, is a time restriction. The organizers are still together reached 1 million through their partners. The Lafarge Cement has graciously washed along the 5,000 tons of sand needed to decorate the beaches of the Georges Pompidou and the Bassin de la Villette.  In all, it is 1500 meters of quay, which were equipped with 350 chairs, 50 and 80 palm trees. A walk where you can eat in a dozen cafes and many glaciers Mÿberry, also a partner in the project.  Young and old are therefore left the Parisian heat. There are those that the sun grows in the shade of an umbrella or a job, too happy to relax in this oasis resort lost in the tumult of the capital. Then there are those who are full of energy, especially the children. The excitement reaches its peak when it comes to jumping on the trampoline, making a small bicycle tour or cross to frolic in the mists, distributors real freshness.  Because this year, toddlers, and others as well, have a choice in the activities implemented. The front of City Hall was stormed by strange inflatable spheres that are lucky roll like monkeys. The "bathing pool" in full swing and bite children a head in a joyous uproar.  Pensioners are suitable for salsa while girls golden by the sun walking through the fragrance of Monoi. In the end, these "tourists" will return one day reddened shoulders, almost forgetting the pollution of the Seine and the permanent roar of Paris traffic.

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