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Playmobil - Musée des Arts Décoratifs Paris

Until 9 may 2010

Great focus and nice publicity stunt, just days before Christmas.
Playmobil, the little plastic figurine, entered the Louvre Arts Decoratifs museum. The decorative arts in the north wing of the Louvre. Not far away from the Mona Lisa and Winged Victory. Vikings, police, nurses, nurses: the museum has collected thousands of young people and their "universe" (houses, castles, cars, pets, etc..).  What relationship between Playmobil and hoops that we twirled around his waist? To understand the direction of Germany, in Geobra Brandstatter, the "nursery" of Playmo. In the 1950s, this small family had to put plastic toys including the hula-hoops. The bellows falls quickly. "In the early 1970s, the boss, Horst Brandstatter, concerned about the rising price of its raw material and seeks to better utilize the expertise of his company's molds, said Dorothy Charles, chairman of the exhibition. Hans Beck, designer and carpenter by training, has the mission to develop a small figurine, economical plastic and can withstand the effects of fashion. The opposite of hula-hoop after all. "  In 1974, leaving Germany in the first three characters: the Knight, the construction worker and India. A year later, the Playmobil land in France, which quickly became the second market. Today, the range has 3 000 characters, it is estimated that it sold 2.2 billion since 1974.  The Playmobil measuring 7.5 cm high. And as its name suggests, early in his career, he can lift his arms, bend, sit, turn the head so he can put things in their hands. Weapons, tools, hats increasingly sophisticated multiply. The Indian and the knight mounted his horse. Then the dog appears. "To attract girls, Hans Beck Playmobil designs a woman in 1976. Children, 5.5 cm high, born in 1981. "Ingenious initiative now, the boys play with knights or firefighters, girls with nurses and family 1900. Today, 100 Playmobil, 70 are used by boys, 30 for girls.  On the original drawings by Hans Beck, Playmobil has a smile so special is that also his trademark. "The round eyes, the smile is probably what appeared as a mat, the more neutral. Result: he wields a rake, a bottle or a sword, he still has the same little air, half serious, half amused. A bit like the Mona Lisa ... Well, maybe that's why Playmobil are in the Louvre?

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