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Eglise Saint-Gervais

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Place Saint-Gervais, 75004 Paris

The Saint-Gervais Church sheltered one of the most famous dynasties of French musicians during more than two centuries since 1653: Couperin family.  On the side of the church still remains the house of the famous harpsichordists, organists and composers as well as a plate commemorating their address (see photo with blue door at the end of the page, below).  The prestigious organ of Louis and François Couperin exists still today inside the Church.  Built by the most famous factors of the time of which Clicquot, it is perfectly representative of the French baroque school.  This church is one of oldest of Paris. Its existence is mentioned at this place starting from VIth century.  Formerly seat of the powerful brotherhood of the wine merchants, it takes its today appearance starting from XVIth century.  Its frontage will be completed much later, about 1620, testifying to a perfect control of traditional esthetics.  Sad anecdote, March 29, 1918, a German shell fell on the roof of the Church, killing a hundred people.  The place which is spread out in front of the staircases of the church was for a long time called "Crossroads of the Elm" bus since the Middle Ages a worthy elm, several times centennial, was rising in its center.  The inhabitants neighborhood were accustomed to finding themselves there to exchange money.  Several pictures of this legendary elm still remain, in the stalls of the Church and on some close buildings.  The side of the church is skirted by the street François Miron which preserves two of the oldest medieval houses of Paris, with numbers 11 and 13:  Houses with the ensign of Faucheur and the ensign of the Sheep.  They would date from XIVth century. One can see their structure of wood discovered, which was prohibited at the time due to diffusion of fire.

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saintgervais facade

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saintgervais porte

saintgervais interieur
saintgervais vitrail

saintgervais interieursaintgervais nef

saintgervais vitraux

saintgervais vitraux nefsaintgervais orgue

saintgervais chapellesaintgervais vision

saintgervais chapelle lateralesaintgervais platre

saintgervais viergesaintgervais vierge et vitraux

saintgervais groupe sculpté

nef de dos saintgervaissaintgervais maison des couperin

saintgervais maison anciennemaison anciennes rue françois miron

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Churches of Paris - Eglises de Paris

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