L'Envolée Lyrique : Paris 1945-1956
Musée du Luxembourg

Musée du Luxembourg : 19 rue de Vaugirard - 75006 Paris - 01 45 44 12 90. Until 6 august 2006.

l'envolee lyrique musee du luxembourg paris le senat
The lyric abstraction of post-war period, heat, dancing, organic, made during with the cold abstraction of pre-war period, any figure, imagined by Kandinsky. Shortly after the end of War II, independent artists such as Moal, Bazaine, Manessier, Estève, Gischia, Lapicque, Atlan, Sam Francis, Mathieu, De Staël, Zao Wou-ki, Soulages, establish new codes, new languages, far away from the usual natural representations. Moreover, the abstraction of these painters comes down from a figurative mannerism, a suggestion of prose. The symbolic system is very close, the boom of bearing post-war period in him the bitternesses of spent and the incipient existencialism. Paris thus sees hatching a private school, parallel to the American school carried among else by Pollock. This exhibition in the Museum of Luxembourg counts these French values, very often Parisian, which reflect up to date a naive abstraction, coloured, ingenuous, fresh.

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