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Soulages Centre Pompidou Paris

Soulages at the Center Pompidou. 14 oct 2009 to 8 march 2010

Paris celebrate for the fourth time in this major retrospective at Beaubourg, the painter of Conques and Black. This dynamic creation has tried to capture this anniversary exhibition - Soulages turns 90 December 24, a good excuse - relying on the freshness of discovery. Despite the years, numerous international honors and French, the piles of writings on his art, the reputation that the momentum and anesthesia often buried emotion, he surprises. How to watch Soulages, this giant that manufactures its tools as the first artist of humanity? In young revolutionary of yesterday or master side today? In head to head with the work, as when one suddenly discovers a world where intact and true man has left his hand and his mind, answered this odyssey museum sixty years of painting, always a revolution yet our time when artists are painting their ideas by others. Pierre Encrevé, author of the catalog, and Alfred Pacquement, director of the National Museum of Modern Art, are the Commissioners of this retrospective makes the artist the exact extent of his life, blasting the narrow framework of abstract painter of 'post-war French collected before the hour in America. In the manner of an opera where each topic is presented before the final table that compares and combines it does not follow the chronology here until the discovery of Outrenoir (1979) then to dive into all the work whole, the only language of forms, ballet black major polyptychs suspended in space like magic.  Thirty years ago, Beaubourg Soulages already devoted a major exhibition. Thirty years later, his third retrospective account of works after 1993, proof that the painter is the contemporary artist that finds an enthusiastic audience, the Museum of Modern Art in the City of Paris at the Musée Fabre, Montpellier . Miracle? It was soon taken off by the monumental paintings, these compositions more thoughts than it seems, where the painter's hand is dominant, structure and betrays the color as a blade (Painting 130 × 162 cm, August 6 1959, private collection) or sunset (Painting 202 × 125 cm, December 15, 1959, private collection). When darkness pervades everything, refined look and taste of the game mat and shiny, thick material or striped (Painting 293 × 324 cm, October 26, 1994, Essl Museum, Vienna), discovers a landscape brief.  "The Abyss? On the chromatic Soulages's work is far more complex and diverse than the formula suggests the literary contests Alfred Pacquement, happy to finally see this retrospective in his museum. It begins with the husk of nuts. It invades the space with very large size where color appeared in the dark. Then she plays light with the land-all of which are sculptures paintings. It has some very formal, very identified, others more experimental. We had to find the installation mode in the space that shows the great vitality of relief, its continuity and its perpetual search. "  On Wednesday, the floor will be all. "The public reaction always brings me," we replied Soulages, both proud and modest. "I quote William IX, Duke of Aquitaine and Languedoc poet of the eleventh century, with the pure nothing, executed the commonplaces of poetry in some verses:" This pure nothing, he says, I made while I was sleeping on my horse one night on a high mountain. I can not help it if I was bewitched by a fairy (...) This poem, I'll send there to Anjou to that which I will refer his case against the key. "  This is the creative role of the viewer, agrees Soulages, vibrant as its language of Oc. The reality of a work is three things. The thing is, on which the senses can come and get rid of. A man who made it. And whoever looks. "

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