Paris : Centre Pompidou - Exhibition Tintin by Hergé

From December 20 to February 19, one free exhibition of the universe of Hergé in the Centre Pompidou. The father of Tintin, through his life and its work. 
Hergé lives in the Pompidou Center. The draughtsman would have been 100 years old in 2007, but its works they did not take a wrinkle. Laurent Lebon, responsable of the exhibition,  says “finally, there are all in us something of Tintin”. And it is true. When the drawings and exposed original boards are looked at, we fall down in childhood. We can only be filled with wonder in front of work at the artist. And the Pompidou Center made the things into large to accompany the visitor and to emphasize the hundreds of works proposed. Outside, the rocket of Objective the Moon is posted on “the largest cover of the history of the center”. On the ground, the signs of expression characteristic of the characters of Hergé are represented, as well as the swearwords of the Hadock captain. “Of people lengthen even at side to be caught in photograph”, has fun Laurent Lebon.
The homage to the draughtsman is conceived in two parts: life and the work of the artist on the one hand; an approach set of themes of its work in addition. The spectator can thus decide direction of his visit: the goal is “to turn around works, I did not want to weary the public”, adds Laurent Lebon. The back of the decoration thus is discovered. First drawings of schoolboy of Hergé to the last unfinished volume of Tintin (Tintin & Alph-art) while passing through other less known characters: OJ, Zette and Jocko and the two rascals Quicke and Flupke.
A voyage in the heart of the work of Hergé to better discover the man. Maniac, obsessed detail, Hergé redrew and stuck over his boards of the elements of the sketch to reach the perfection. He even said: “And I draw, and I erase, and I gum, and I start again until I would be satisfied. But it sometimes happens to me to bore paper by work over again a character! …”. As example, “the black island” knew three versions before being published.
With the ray of the scarcities: the original album of the Blue Lotus (presented for the first time since 18 years), covers of Small Twentieth, Valiant Hearts and the Newspaper of Tintin, of the self-portraits of Hergé in the form of caricature, as well as a film showing the artist in full action, where appear gradually, under the clear line, so distinctive features of Tintin and Milou.
The Pompidou Center signs here, for his 30 years, an exhibition to several levels of reading. All the members of the family, tintinophiles informed or not, as well as the “Ornithorynques”, “Landlubbers” or other “Zapotèques” so expensive with the Haddock Captain, will find their account there.

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