Assemblée Nationale
The Treasures

Musée de l'Assemblée Nationale. Palais Bourbon,  33 Quai d'Orsay.  Until 29 october 2005.

tresors de l'assemblée nationale paris

Rich of a long political history, the Palais Bourbon opens his slides to the visitors to reveal a hundred of his most invaluable treasures.  Exposed in the superb Gallery of the Festivals, very close to the hemicycle, these objects are as many testimonies of the curiosity of the men vis-a-vis knowledge and progress.  Five classifications representative of the spirit of the Lumieres are suggested:  Theology, jurisprudence, Sciences and Arts, Beautiful Letters, History Geography Travels. Among the unavoidable stars, let us notice the Manuscript of the lawsuit of Jeanne d' Arc, 120 pages written according to the trial of 1435, the Manuscript of the Marseillaise by Rouget de l'Isle, the death mask of Mirabeau, a Armillaire Sphere of XVème century which was used to show the positions of the stars in the system of Ptolémée, the Nouvelle Héloïse and the Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau in original manuscripts, the Borbonicus Codex, rare handwritten Aztec of the end of XVème century and of course the Description of Egypt by the forwarding of Bonaparte, 23 precious volumes reporting the pharaonic discovery of the world by our Western explorers.

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