Vauban in France

Twelve of the fourteen sites in France designed by Vauban and candidates for World Heritage Site have been classified by Unesco. "Bazoches was not accepted because they are only building a castle in the XIIth century and Belle-Ile neither, because its citadel was achieved in its entirety by a hotel. Too bad because they are both private sites, "says Jean-Louis Fousseret, president of the Network of Major Vauban Sites. Anyway, this is a great victory won posthumously by former small noble Morvan became the preferred military engineer of Louis XIV by the sheer force of his genius. Sebastien Le Prestre, Marquis de Vauban (1633-1707) was a man with the vision very practical, a humanist only concerned about the well of the kingdom and its subjects, a curious spirit which foreshadows by his writings, philosophers of the Enlightenment . Of course, first and foremost, he was marshal. During his life, he built some 250 military, small bunker fortified city, within the current limits of France. It was famous both in the overall plan in detail: for example he replaced guns wick soldiers, too visible at night, a flintlock rifles more discreet. The star of Vauban not only tarnishes the end of his life when he risked, in an essay on the ground of the economy, calling for a radical tax reform to break years of misery at the end of the reign of King - Sun. That alone does not rained. Jean-Louis Fousseret mentioned, in conclusion of the defense of the application, the draft created in his city, Besançon, an international centre devoted to heritage bequeathed or inspired by Vauban. "Indeed, we find its influence on all continents, starting here in Quebec. But also in Mexico, Morocco (Essaouira), Saint Petersburg, Madagascar or Japan (Hokkaido). "It will become urgent to focus on children Vauban. Meanwhile, the happiness of the participants in this adventure is immense. "This is the result of nearly four years of working with the mayors of the network, experts, our partners, ambassadors and the State french. Without doubt because the heritage fortified sometimes appears less prestigious than civil heritage, we were just a few to believe four years ago with this crazy idea, "says the mayor yet.

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