Maison Victor Hugo
Dessins de mer et d'océan

Maison de Victor Hugo, 6 Place des Vosges, 75004, Until 5 march 2006.

maison de victor hugo dessins la mer paris
Victor Hugo drew his navy as it wove his poetries.  With heat, delight and depth.  The Master of the literature was an impassioned draughtsman, handling the brush with a true talent.  More than 3500 drawings, gouaches, watercolours, charcoals, inks, are listed in the work of the father of the Misérables, making of him a visual artist with whole share.  Presented in its house museum of the Place des Vosges, this exhibition is devoted to the sea.  Entitled "This immense dream of the ocean, landscapes of seas and other subjects marine", it gathers 70 original drawings coupled to texts of the author, of which certain resulting from famous Travailleurs of the Sea.  The majority of them were seized during the exile of the writer in the island of Guernesey, between 1851 and 1870.  This sad period when France was prohibited to him will see born several masterpieces of works of which Contemplations, les Misérables and Workers of the Sea.  This last work will be delivered to the editor with 30 original drawings, testimonies on the sharp one of this ocean unchained which captivated the long periods of loneliness of Hugo, in front of the sea on this insulated island.  Few characters live these drawings of which some dilute the real figuration with the benefit of a spontaneous impressionism.  Feverish waves or calms, howling scums, the spectacle forces admiration by the evocative power whose one guesses the undeniable influence on the colorful mind of the artist.

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