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Zoo de Vincennes : - Ménagerie du Jardin des Plantes : - Jardin d'Acclimatation :
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The zoo of Vincennes is the fruit of the colonial expansions of the Thirties.  Imagined in 1934 after the colonial exhibition, it was the Parisian window of the African fauna from the colonies.  It was drawn by the architect Hagenbeck who imagined caves and ditches to avoid the cruel cages, after having observed how much a simple seal captured by fishermen appealed the curiosity of the walkers on the stall of a fishmonger. Today the Zoo of Vincennes shelters 500 animals of which several stars. 17 giraffes Peralta, family threatened of Niger, make the greatest groups of giraffes of Europe. The Zoo of Vincennes is in complete refitting in order to recreate at the door of Paris a true tropical forest for the wellbeing of the animals and the pleasure of the visitors. The Menagerie of the Botanical Garden (Jardin des Plantes) was created after the French Revolution to accomodate the animals of the Royal Menagerie.  Its utility of academy of protected species was confirmed recently, when a horse of Prewalski was exported from there in order to be given in freedom with some congeneric in plains of Asia from where it had completely disappeared.  On the other hand, there is no more bear inside the Botanical garden since one knows that they like to live as a recluse and like walking kilometers.  A pit of 100 m2 is a true prison for them.  The Botanical garden counts 950 animals except insects today. Inaugurated by Napoleon III in 1860, the zoological gardens were supposed to be a natural laboratory size of study of the animal and vegetable species lately imported into France.  121 animals whose 2 bears live there today in that garden who became an immense appointment of walk for young families Sunday afternoon.

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