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Dragons : entre science et fiction
Jardin des Plantes

Jardin des Plantes, Grande Galerie de l'Evolution, 36, rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Paris 75005. Until 6 november 2006.

dragons jardin des plantes paris
No one never saw them. And yet, they haunt imaginary of artists, children, knights, since the night of times. The dragons come from all the cultures and all the times. That one spits fire by the mouth or the eyes, that one crawls, stroke, flies, sharp in a dark cave or in the clouds. He very often incarnates several animals in one. Fortunately for us other human, this extraordinary force is never gaining. Our imagination was pleased to regularly embank it, with sometimes the association of some divine energies. The exhibition of the Botanical Garden replaces the dragon in his infinite history and its representations. 150 usual objects, decorative, are as many testimonies illustrating appearances of the animal. Reconstituted dragons, films, stories and tales, games, illustrate the exhibition to make live or revive the large and small adventures of the dragons. A head of tyrannosaur recalls us that in other times, these creatures dominated the alive world.  The myth carries several incarnations, the evil of course, but as the protection of gold, as the dragons seem so much to appreciate, the ultimate test of human bravery. Let us remember the dragon embanked by Tamino at the beginning of the Magic Flute of Mozart.

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