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Musée du Louvre
Rétrospective Ingres 1780-1867

Musée du Louvre, Hall Napoléon, Paris . Tél : 01-40-20-53-17, jusqu'au 15 mai 2006.

ingres louvre museum
This amazing exhibition has been the first world retrospective devoted to Ingres for forty years.  Drawing from its richness, the Louvre joined several private museums and collectors to build an almost exhaustive event who surrounds practically the whole of the work of Ingres.  The life of the painter of Montauban is cut out in six chronological steps covering 70 years with its life.  One discovers how much Ingres is strange and eclectic purpose in the choice of his subjects.  Mythical subjects faces the Queen Caroline Murat, its sensual "odalisques"alternate with the wealthy portraits of Napoleon.  Common signature of these varied paintings, each detail is carefully by a sharp-edged eye which does not let fray the least embroidery of official costume.  Each painting is photographic until the hyper realism.  The preparatory drawings testify even more concern of perfection which reinforces the veracity of the portraits.  Three showrooms are devoted to the portraits.  The prestigious contemporaries people of the artists there are found but also and especially, Madeleine, his wife, favorite model.  Several images became universally known icons : the Turkish bath and its mosaic of braided women, his Large Odalisque, Oedipus and Sphinx, the ingenuous portrait of the young Miss Rivière (opposite) among others. This retrospective is the opportunity to present to the public the last acquisition of the Museum:  A Portrait of Ferdinand-Philippe of Bourbon-Orleans, duke of Orleans, carried out in 1842, bought due to the patronage of AXA insurance.  Important object shown in thus retrospective : The famous Ingres violin, Hobby, of which he liked to play between two creations.

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