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Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais
Mélancolie : Génie et folie en Occident

Métro : Champs-Elysées Clémenceau. Tel : 
Until 16 january 2006.

melancolie paris grand palais
250 sculptures, paintings, various art objets, drawings, are offered to the public in the Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais to pay homage to most romantic of sadnesses of the heart : Melancholy.  From Greek Antiquity to today, the topic is permanently present for the artists of the Occident. The masterpiece of the exhibition is the famous Melancolia of Dürer which raises the question to become human, in its individual or collective expression. This engraving artwork gathers many symbols which will influence several artists thereafter :  the polyhedron of science, a skeleton of bat, a dog, a sand glass for the inescapable escape of time, the comet of the dark night.  The Angel of the Hearth of max Ernst was inspired by old visions of Cranach (see reproduction of its Melancholy on the left). Further, the heavy eyelids of Doctor Gachet of Van Gogh expresses vagueness-with-the inconsolable heart, tormented face posed on its fist.  At the end of studies, it devoted itself its thesis of medicine to the Melancholy. Grosz and Otto Ten defined a cynical melancholy in their believed expressionism.  Reflection of abominable faintness social related to the plague Nazi.  The characters of Hopper, dumb men and fixed in their loneliness contrast with American Way of Life, so optimistic in its versions Technicolor.  Another manner of finding itself with oneself in the crowd.

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