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Churches of Paris - Eglises de Paris
Oratoire du Louvre

temple de l'oratoire

Under Henri IV, the huguenots celebrated their worship in the Room of the Caryatids which belonged to the Louvre and could contain up to 1500 people.  It was called the Church of Madam.  December 28, 1594, in the hotel du Bouchage, a pupil of the Jesuits, Jean Chastel, wounded Henri IV with a stab.  Thereafter, the Jesuits were banished from the kingdom.  Wanting to continue their work and to be opposed to the plan of Reformed, the father of Bérulle founded the congregation of the Oratory, instituted by a Bubble of the Pope Paul V on May 10, 1613.  The currency of the congregation, "Jesus Maria" is always reproduced on the vault, at the top of the chorus.  In 1616, Oratorians, installed in the hotel du Bouchage, built a vault which will be quickly too small.  In 1621, the Congregation bought somegrounds around and undertaken construction of a church.  Its axis passes by the center of the Square Court of the Louvre what involves a light shift with the street Saint-Honore.  The building became Royale vault by patent of December 23, 1623, according to the desire of the king Louis XIII work are stopped, for lack of money, in 1625.  In January 1635, Mazarin attended a concert.  The funeral of the Cardinal of Richelieu took place in December 1642, then, one year later, the funeral service of Louis XIII.  In 1740, the Caqué architect finished the nave and the large gate of entry.  Work was definitively completed in 1745, date being reproduced on the vault of the nave above the organ.  During the revolution, the church was unused.  It will be used as room of conferences, purse, store deposit for stage sets.  In 1811, Napoleon will give the Oratory of the Louvre to the reformed consistory.  October 22, 1885, second centennial of the Revocation of the Edict of Nantes was celebrated there.  July 24, 1889, the statue of the Admiral de Coligny is installed at the back of the church, street of Rivoli.  Coligny was assassinated on August 24, 1572, during the massacre of Saint-Bathélémy.

temple de l'oratoire exterieur rue de l'oratoireoratoire facade

oratoire interieur

oratoire plaque
oratoire chaire

oratoire nef

oratoire orgue

oratoire livre

oratoire nef droite

oratoire nef gauche

oratoire nef interieure

oratoire plafond

oratoire rotonde

oratoire interieur
oratoire colligny

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Churches of Paris - Eglises de Paris

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