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Otto Dix - Dessins de guerre
Galerie Tendances

Galerie Tendances : 105, rue Quincampoix, 75003 : Until 24 june 2006.

otto diw dessins de guerre galerie tendances
The horrible war from the German side. The trenches are also fatal, the sufferings are intolerable, the human dignities are soiled in blood and vermin. On the other side, Otto Dix is a artist witness whose drawings crunched on the sharp bring back to us images almost identical to those of our soldiers failing.  The painter has just completed his studies at the School of the applied arts of Dresde when he leaves to the war. His first inspirations of adult will be morbid. They will influence it until the end of its life. A style caricatural, acid, with the borders of a grostesque expressionism, will be born from these visions of dead. The soldiers become of lead for better bursting under the grapeshot. This raw frankness accentuates the veracity of the feature, enforce the report. A little later, the brown plague will hunt Otto Dix, whose painting denounced the Hitler buffoon. He will take refuge in Switzerland until his death in 1961.  This exhibition is superb a homage with the eyes of the witness, like with his art. It recalls us how much painting, the pencil, can become weapons frightening very as much as the marks of an invaluable memory.

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