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Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais
Portraits publics, portraits privés 1770-1830

Galeries Nationales du Grand Palais : Until  8 january 2007

portraits publics portraits prives galeries nationales du grand palais paris

The Art of the portrait inspired all the occident at the beginning of the XVIIIth the century. This exhibition organized jointly by Louvre, Guggenheim Museum of New York and Royal academy of arts of London, counts 140 exceptional paintings who represent the famous or anonymous expression of these suddenly famous ancestors. Very appreciated in the Anglo-Saxon countries, it answers as much a public request as private. It is the time or emerge the large romantic celebrities, of the world of arts, the theater, the music and the policy. The official portrait crystallizes the recognition social and cultural as much as it conveys the material image of large of this world, inaccessible. The exhibition is a wonderful inventory of people signed Reynolds, Delacroix, Lawrence, Ingres, Vigée-Lebrun, Houdon, David among others.  The images of Napoleon became icons with time.  The bust of Marie-Antoinette points out an art of the hairstyle which was successful in its time. The portraits of condition solidifies the uniform or the artistic gesture. The female portrait seeks the emotion, causes the sensitivity. The portrait of family preserves frankness. The portrait of artist or the self-portrait is the laboratory of experimentation and freedom of the creator. The portrait of history is allegorical and didactic.

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