Manufacture de Sèvres
Joyau de porcelaine

Manufacture Nationale de Sèvres :
manufacture de sevres porcelaine royale de prestige

Since 250 years, the Porcelain factory of Sevres creates the jewels of the kings, the princes, of the republic, in a tradition of prestige which belongs to cultural history of France. Madam de Pompadour herself, large porcelain amateur, is on the initiative of this manufacture which she encourages since 1740. The porcelain is then appreciated by all the courses of Europe. But as there are not kaolin mines in France, essential ingredient to accentuate the hardness of the porcelain, French will invent a more tender paste, almost translucent, sometimes cooked in a rough state under a matt appearance, and that one will baptize “biscuit” in reference to the granulous paste of certain pastry cakes. Louis XV will move the small company to Sevres, very close of the Castle of Bellevue, old residence of Pompadour. At the XIXth century, the commercial activity takes the top and manufacture becomes a real manufacturing unit which multiplicate its talents. Since 1824, a Museum is created to preserve the memory of this heritage. 20.000 parts are joined together in this Museum of Ceramics. In 1876, manufacture increases, with the edge of the Park of Saint-Cloud, while keeping his function first of supplier of the large institutional customers, in particular the presidency of the Republic and various ministries. It is possible to visit the 27 workshops which divide the buildings and bring together 120 craftsmen. Among the trade secrets, the famous blue of cobalt, henceforth called blue of Sevres, signs the house spirit. More than 4000 parts are manufactured each year, of which the half will be sold.

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