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Marche aux Puces de Clignancourt

Located in St-Ouen, a town just north of the 18eme. Metro : Porte de Clignancourt. Open Saturday-Sunday-Monday.

puces st ouen    The granddaddy of all the flea markets, the Puces de St-Ouen is an overwhelming smorgasbord of stuff. It opens early and shuts down late, and serious hunters should allow themselves the better part of a day in order to cover significant ground, although the market tends to be  least crowded before noon.  There is a definite divide in terms of prices and quality : much of the merchandise is either dirt cheap and low quality or expensive and antique. This market began during Middle Ages, when merchants resold the cast-off clothing of aristocrats (crawling with its namesake insects) to peasant-folk, so it's used to such feudal divides.

Renegade Market

    The 10 mn walk along av. de la Porte de Clignancourt, under the highway, and left on rue Jean Henri Fabre to the official marked is jammed with tiny unofficial stalls.  These stalls sell flimsy new clothes, T shirts, African masks, and teen new clothes. It's a tourist trap and the pickpockets know it, so keep a close watch on your belongings. If this renegade bazaar turns you off, continue on to the official market, where you'll be able to browse in a much less crowded settings.

Official market

    Located on rue des Rosiers and rue Jules Valles, the regular market is officially divided into a number of sub-markets, each specializing in a certain type of item. Don't try to follow a set path or worry about hitting every marché, as they all generally have the same eclectic collection of everything antique you could ever think of - your best bet is to get lost and then keep browsing.
    From rue Jean Henri Fabre, slip into the Marché Malik, a warehouse filled with discount clothing, leather jackets, sneakers, vintage clothing dealers, and a tattoo parlor. Exiting onto rue Jules Valles, and walking away from the bongo drums and hardsell banter of rue Fabre, you'll encounter the indoor Marché Jules Vallès with its overwhelming collection of old trinkets and antique miscellany, Marché Paul Bert, on rue Paul Bert, has more antiques as well as a large collection of furniture. Next door at the more posh Marché Serpette, specialized antique Art Deco furniture stores reign side-by-side with shops dealing in antique firearms. Marché Biron, on rue des rosiers has home furnishings for the extremely rich. Marché Dauphine, also on rue des Rosiers, is home to 300 dealers on two levels and has stalls specializing in leather armchairs, costume dresses, jewelry, and antique kitchenware. Marché Vernaison, located between rue des Rosiers and Avenue Michelet, has more upper-class tchotchkes and furniture, prints, beads, buttons, and musical instruments.
    The Marché des Rosiers, rue Paul Bert and the Marché Antica, rue des Rosiers are smaller, paler shadows of the larger markets. The Marché Malassis sells vintage cameras, perfume bottles, couture and furniture.

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